About Us

We're a small game studio in downtown Toronto. Our team has a ton of experience making digital entertainment for human beings of all ages. Our mission is to make fun games that are worth talking about, sharing with your friends and playing over and over again.

Fossil Hunters

Our current game in progress is Fossil Hunters, an action-adventure game in which you dig deep into a mysterious underground world to uncover fossils and match them together in countless combinations.

The Team

Ryan Miller

Technical Director
Former professor of game development with more than a decade of experience building games, apps, animated content, and interactive media.

Simon Paquette

Creative Director
Over 10 years in the Television Animation industry as animation director, storyboard artist, animator, and illustrator.

Jayme Last

Began her career in Television Animation as animator and production assistant; spent the last 8 years in business administration.

Emma Burkeitt

Game Designer
Digital Artist and Game Designer on Pitfall Planet, graduate of OCAD's Digital Futures program.


Chief Morale Officer
The real secret to our success.

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